Praise for Delicate Courage - A memoir by Jim Geary

"This true life story takes you back to a time of incredible change - a time when the youth made history. Relive the era through the perspective of someone who was there, doing, seeing, being changed by what he saw in others and in himself. Reading this story took me on a solitary journey within, to a place where fear is transcended."

Susan King, BA. Ed., Metaphysical Teacher

"Herein is a story lived out during a desperate time. Jim Geary takes us back to Ground Zero of the greatest epidemic of our time: AIDS in the 80's. But more than simply recounting the horrors, Geary recalls the incredible blessings borne of this time---so many people willing to show up and do what needed to be done, be it holding a hand, emptying a bedpan, or simply bearing witness to inexorable decline and inevitable death. Yes, "delicate courage" displayed by so many, over and over. That this story doesn't simply end with the death of Geary's beloved, Jess Randall, is a true testimony to the love they shared..."

Dr. Scott Eberle, former AIDS physician & current medical director, Hospice of Petaluma CA